Monday, September 24, 2007


My previous Blog entry tried to describe God in terms of Spinoza. Moreover, a reference was made to Albert Einstein since he himself believed in Spinoza's God. With this model, The Big Bang, could be conceived as a denovo event which created everything , the galaxies,nature, and all things made up of mass and energy. This notion fits very nicely into Einsteins conception of a harmonious, unified, measurable, and predictable universe. A universe, unfortunately, that could not explain the unpredictability of the subatomic universe governed by chance. A universe described by Quantum Mechanics. This was Einsteins limitation. He could not and would not accept a universe that could only be measured in terms of probability. How then could he possibly understand or attempt to understand the Kabalistic notion of God as a dual entity? A God that could not be described in terms of quantifiable and predictable entities such as mass and energy, but could only be defined as a separate intangible force responsible for all creation. A force that was revealed to as a quantifiable byproduct of THE BIG BANG.

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