Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Daily Walk And More

Everyday I walk approximately 4 miles. Despite the obvious health benefits, there is the psychological impact of the Endorphin rush. This occurs within the first one half hour. I become immersed in introspective thought and seem to lose track of time and space. During this "zone", I think of both the mundane, and spiritual. Indeed, this thought process often allows me to decipher both the personal as well as ponder the metaphysical. Today for example, I thought of the importance of documenting not only my art, but my thoughts and feelings as well. I have always wanted to do this, but never actually sat down long enough to get the job done. The advent of this Blog, therefore, allows me to chronicle my ideas in a more well defined and organized format. It is essentially a diary. I feel blessed to have the opportunity and motivation to begin this process of documentation. Moreover, I have been equally blessed with my education to date. My intensive Liberal Arts experience at Columbia College, for example, has been instrumental in this endeavour. In addition to the obvious benefits of rigrous writing assignments, there is the intangible, yet equally important exposure to the great creative minds in Literature, Art, and Music. Furthermore, my subsequent medical training at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, helped stimulate my left cerebral hemisphere as well. Thus, I am now able to view the world from both an abstract and analytical perspective. This duality can often be observed in my paintings . Although my abstract paintings are usually defined by recurring geometric patterns, I use vivid colors and avoid realistic imagery and perspective . My so called analytical paintings, on the other hand, blend both the real, with the sublime. I am able to accomplish this by using Cubist derived compositional elements in addition to sociopolitical and religous symbolism. Indeed, this dichotomy, truly exemplifies the workings of my so called eccentric mind