Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Territorialism in all its forms is a constant in nature. In the animal kingdom, for example, protection of rights to domicile, food, and family is readily apparent. Anyone who has adopted one or more pets is fully aware of the the importance of territory and hierarchy. The world of humans is no different. Religion, religious persecution, politics, and war, are all by products of this inherent trait to hoard, covet, and protect all that we believe to be sacred. Moreover, our beliefs are just as important, or more so than our valuable material possessions. This is the notion of psychological territorialism. Invasion into this personal realm can be extremely hazardous. Indeed, the biggest culprits of this violation are the self righteous.These people like to dictate the proper way to do just about anything, from religion to hairstyling. They are the holier than thou. They're always right and you're always wrong. Everything becomes twisted to fulfill their self- serving needs and to assert control. The last thing we humans need is another self appointed supervisor to judge us and make more annoying, unsolicited suggestions about what we should and should not do.