Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jamie R Morhaim, Featured Artist On the Florida Artists Registry Website

Please visit: Click on the SALES section and go to THE FLORIDA ARTISTS REGISTRY GIFT SHOP. I am the Featured Artist.

My Next Painting

I started my next painting today. I just got up and started drawing. The painting will be of the analytical variety as opposed vto the geometric architectural type. Im in a more introspective mood. I also get to draw and play with the mixed media more freely, especially, collage. The subject matter will include an anchor painting, as usual. The anchor image is Zoe. She needs to be represented. Sherman always got top billing in paintings. One reason is that hes so much easier to draw. Zoe is more convoluted and these convolutions are more confined to a smaller area. Moreover, the facial expression of a Boxer has been likened to a human and therefore keeps some of the same proportions as the human face. Hence, slight variations in the individual facial features might throw off the likeness.