Monday, September 3, 2007

I Miss MY Dog!

I miss my dog!. His name is Sherman. A loyal, intelligent, loving companion. Despite his chronic often worsening illnesses, he faced each day on his own terms, with dignity and passion. Our relationship exemplified the term unconditional love. Everyday I look at several of the paintings which contain his image. Within a very short period of time, a tear begins to roll down my cheek. Although it represents sadness, it is often bittersweet because it allows me to bond with his eternal soul. I love you chump.

My Personal Vision

Have you ever asked youself, what is my personal vision? The answer would seem to be obvious. Just do what you want to do. Of course this is the only correct answer. The process of achieving this, however, is not so obvious. Moreover, the path one may take, is also not always clear. A visionary Professor at Columbia P&S once said, "never forget your objective. This statement is the only definitive route to achieving ones true vision. We must first visualize our endpoint and try to imagine ourselves living in that moment. After that is accomplished, we must try to determine the correct path and try not to deviate from it. By knowing ones objective, therefore, we must continously use it a way of testing whether we are moving closer or further away from self actualization.